Pet Surgery Services in White Plains, NY

Our skilled veterinary team is pleased to offer a variety of surgical services to benefit your pet’s health. In addition to elective procedures, including spays and neuters, we can also perform timely surgeries to correct more urgent problems, including the removal of growths and foreign bodies. At our hospital in White Plains, NY, we go to great lengths to make pet surgery as comfortable and as safe as possible for our patients. We are also dedicated to keeping owners fully informed about their pet’s condition at all times.

pet surgery in White Plains, NY

Making Surgery Safe for Every Patient

We perform every pet surgery with regard for our patients’ personal needs. This includes:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing to evaluate their health
  • Making sure they receive the correct amount of anesthesia, pain relief, and antibiotics
  • Continuous monitoring of your pet’s vital functions and making adjustments as needed
  • Using warm blankets and other means to keep your pet’s body temperature from dropping

Minimizing every possible risk is our primary goal for your pet, and the smoother their surgical procedure, the smoother their recovery.

How Long Will My Pet’s Recovery Be?

The length of your pet’s post-op recovery depends on the procedure they had and other factors, including age, size, and whether they share their home with other pets. We highly recommend keeping your pet contained in another room or in a spacious kennel so they can recuperate in peace. Too much running around or rough-housing can aggravate the surgical site. In addition, you will need to watch over your pet to make sure they’re not chewing or licking at their sutures. As the incision heals, it may become itchy.

veterinarian holding cat

We Can Answer Your Surgery-Related Questions

Whether you have pressing questions before or after your pet’s surgery, don’t hesitate to ask! Your veterinarian and other members of our team will be more than happy to help. Just give us a call today at (914) 946-0558.