Veterinarian and Animal Hospital  in White Plains, NY

Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in White Plains, NY

White Plains Veterinary Hospital is a family-focused practice where excellent medicine is the standard and happy healthy pets are our ultimate goal. Our AAHA-accredited animal hospital has proudly served White Plains, NY, and surrounding neighborhoods since 2016, with veterinarians Dr. Lee and Dr. Allan leading our wonderful team. 

To provide lifelong care that meets all your pet’s ever-evolving needs, we offer services ranging from vaccinations and wellness care to teeth cleaning, surgery, internal medicine, and nutritional guidance. We’re committed to helping you be a confident pet owner and remaining your trusted veterinary partner for all the joyful years you can share with your companion. 

Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Learn a little bit about our compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarians before visiting our animal hospital in White Plains, NY. Our entire team is fully dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and guiding you with ongoing communication about your pet’s needs. We hope that getting to know our vets before making an appointment makes you feel even more comfortable about choosing us!

White Plains Veterinary Hospital is ready to welcome you and your cherished pet.
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