Veterinary Diagnostics in White Plains, NY

Our pet hospital in White Plains, NY offers various diagnostic tools to aid our team in detecting and diagnosing underlying issues in dogs and cats. Naturally, pets cannot give voice to the pain and/or illness they’re feeling. With the help of veterinary diagnostics, we can better understand your pet’s condition and offer the best possible treatments for their recovery.

veterinary diagnostics in White Plains, NY

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Why Pets Need Yearly Health Screens

Much like routine physical exams, routine blood and fecal tests are also essential for making sure your pet is healthy and determining whether they’ll need treatment for an underlying problem. We use the latest lab testing technology to screen for:

  • Heartworms
  • Abnormal platelet and red and white blood cell counts
  • Tick-borne diseases
  • Liver and kidney issues
  • ...and much more

Some of our tests can be performed in house for quicker results. In other cases, we prefer to send samples out to specialists for more comprehensive assessments.

We Offer Diagnostic Imaging

Our animal hospital also houses a digital X-ray machine. Unlike film X-ray, our digital technology allows us to produce X-ray images faster and with enhanced clarity. Also, your pet will not need to spend as much time being held in position, so the procedure will go more quickly. An added bonus to the process is that we can email your pet’s X-rays to specialists anywhere in the country in a matter of seconds if needed.

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